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My Plan This Year

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My Plan
I believe that everybody has some plans for his or her future. This future may be a distant one or a short one. But it cannot be denied that we plan very often. The plans for the future are often connected with dreams. So, I very often think about my future what will happen to me? Who would I like to be in the future? What to do next in my life?
My plan for this year will read more books, study very hard and get more better grades for myself and make my parents to be proud of me. I won’t my parents to worry about me. I really want to go on a diet to lose weight. I will train my body to be healthy and keep myself away from bad habits such as drinking and eating because they affect our health. I will be to save enough money. Cause I want to go abroad next year. For that purpose I have to study Korean. I will try to make my world better by doing good actions, helping needy people and try to improve myself in everything that I do. I will be more friendly and I will keep in touch with them more frequently. My friends may be disappointed because of my negligence. Sorry, my friends. I would also like to meet that special someone, who will fill my life with happiness.
We often are disappointed when we cannot realize our plans. But we should not stop making them. They are important because we feel better and have a target in our life. This year I am going to be diligent and try to carry out all my New Year's Plan. I will do my best. And I hope become good this year!!!


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