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| Australia | Japan |
Population | 22.32 million | 127.8 million |
Birth-rate | 1.87 children per woman | 1.39 children per woman |
Death-rate | 11.4/1000 people | 9.15/1000 people |
Infant Mortality rate | 4.55/1000 births | 2.21/1000 births |
Life Expectancy | 81.85 | 82.59 years |

The large difference between the Australian and Japanese populations is caused by the difference of death rate, Australia has a higher death rate meaning a lower population than Japan which has a lower death rate then Australia. Another reason for the difference in population is that Japan has many more major cities than us, and it’s on a trade route.

2). The only things that Australia and Japan have in common population wise are the birth rates (Aus: 1.87, Jap:1.39) and the life expectancies (Aus: 81.85, Jap:82.59). the rest of the statistics are substantially different.



The predicted change for Australia will mean a much more even population, but a much lower death rate, this could result in overpopulation and a cause huge amounts of strain for the food industry in particular. The lowered death rate in Australia will result in an older population that will strain the economy quite a lot. In Japans case the birth rate and overall population will be quite small compared to the over 80 bracket. This will cause the same stresses for the economy as it did in Australia as the work force will decrease in size and increase in age.
4). In response to the projected population of Australia the government has pledged to stop the boats, decreasing immigration and overall population growth. But this doesn’t answer the massive older population. In order to accommodate this the retirement age will become higher and super will be adjusted in order to make people have to work longer. In Japan, the economy will have to change to conform to the larger amount of young workers and the countries food production will have to increase in order to sustain the...


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