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The Representation of Family and Sexuality in “Brave New World” and “Love on the Dole”

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The Representation of family and sexuality in “Brave new world” and “Love on the Dole”

      Through the centuries, both family life and sexuality were very important to every human being, not only as a mean of procreation, but also as an irreplaceable source of mental stability and happiness. Both equally important - when the child is born as an effect of procreation, there must be a family to raise it. Unfortunately, even today these two aspects of our lives are being socially separated from each other, like they can exist without each other, or replace each other. Can they? There always was a border of social acceptation between those two areas of life. But where exactly the border should be? Or should it even exist? We can find answers in our own experiences, as well as in the books, but two of them represent two extreme hypothesis' of question - what is more important in life?

      In the book "Brave new world" by Aldous Huxley we can see mentality of seemingly happiness, but soon the book shows us how false this appearance is. World deprived of property - but not in the material meaning. People shown in this story 'always get what they want and never want what they can't get'. We see the world without poverty and pain, where people lost their ability to feel in order of reaching social stability. Their whim is immediately fulfilled, no matter, if it's about new clothes, new game or having a new lover. Their intercourse is never something personal and usually the relationship ends after a short period of time, as says one of the main sentences - 'every one belongs to every one else'[1]. We can watch a society, where faithfulness is an object of cruel jokes, monogamy is strictly unacceptable, and parenthood or family are treated like something so obscure and disgusting, that it became an unbreakable taboo. As the children are not born anymore, women have to fulfill their natural parental instincts with 'pregnancy substitute' and any other...


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