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Larry Lasalle (Heroes by Robert Cormier)

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At first Larry is the glamorous and charismatic man who runs the youth club in Frenchtown. He helps the teenagers bring out the best in themselves. for example: Larry helps Fancis discover his love for table-tennis. Also he helps Nicole with her dancing. “He was most of all a teacher.” - Francis. It shows that although Francis wants to kill Larry, he did look up to him before the war, not just as a teacher but as a role-model. Larry was a role-model to most of the teenagers in Frenchtown. He is one of the reasons why the boys from Frenchtown joined the army. But although Larry might have had that "smile that revealed dazzling movie-star teeth" the war still effects him, we know that by, the next time that we see Larry LaSalle, he doesnt look very good. “We were stunned to suddenly see Larry LaSalle featured in the Movietone News.   He was unshaven, face gaunt and drawn, eyes sunk deep into their sockets.” It shows that the war is having a physical effect on him. He isn't as confident, or energetic as he was shown in the beginning. He is now portrayed as a feeble and weakened character. It seems like he is hiding a secret, an action that he wants to fulfill, before he leaves. But he doesnt want anyone to know what he is back for. Further on in the book we find oit what exactly Larry is back for. He plans a party for all the teenagers, and in the end there is pnly Larry, Nicole and Francis. Larry tells Francis to go home. Nicole doesnt want Francis to leave her, but Francis listens to Larry and ends up going home. Larry ends up raping Nicole, and Francis is outside listening, and he finds out. So we now know why Francis wants to kill Larry. But it seems like Larry doesnt really register that fact that he just raped Nicole. It seems like he thinks its not a big deal. *quote from neat book*. Larry has changed throughout most of the book. From the towns "movie-star" to someone who we think only thinks about himself. We think this by how he rapes Nicole right after he...


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