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Stop Violence Against Women-Analysis

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Stop Violence Against Women - Analysis
This pamphlet subverts the usual tediously long fact-listing strategy and opts instead to arouse an urgent, eager emotion from us rather than grumpily shoving lengthy, monotonous paragraphs in our faces. Consequently, its message is one of inspiring rather than coercing, while its thought-provoking nature stimulates us into becoming more eager to dedicate our efforts to eliminating violence against woman. This choice of hand as the central image acts as a constant reminder of how people’s power can be united by joint efforts to serve righteous purposes, especially to maintain human rights. And the persuasive image is printed right beside the slogan ‘STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN’, the imagery of such a palm strongly symbolizes to deplore and eliminate anything that afflicts violence upon women. Indeed, the word ‘Stop’ us repeated no less than 5 times, which further strengthens the urgent message.

The manner the leaflet addresses the reader is also significant. It first calls upon us to take part of this action by proclaiming “It is your business”   yet further enhances the strength of joint efforts by declaring “Together we can”. It also frequently uses the imperative mood to reinforce its persuasive sovereignty over us   “Join now”   yet reassures with the application of “violence against woman can be challenged/stopped” rather than “could”, which cleverly assumes that our actions will undoubtedly contribute to immediate progress.

In addition, the subtly chosen manipulation of persuasive language   when it argues that we all have a “duty to challenge inequality” and how we must “condemn” violence against women   sheds light upon how the problem exists as a “human rights abuse” and thereby ignoring the problem is “violating human rights” and “failing in its human rights obligations”. It convinces us, with appalling articulation, how women have been unjustly treated throughout the generations and thus deprived of the basic...


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