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Views on society can be seen as interesting and are usually conveyed through a composer or characters distinctive voice. In the novel ‘The Life and Crime of Harry Lavender’ by Marele day and the well known speech my Martin Luther King Jr. ‘I have a dream’ both have explored the use of distinctive voices. In the novel by Marele Day, she introduces the audience to two important characters, Claudia Valentine and Harry Lavender, through both the characters unique voices this allows the Novel to be shaped into an interesting detective genre fiction. The speaker of the famous speech ‘I have a dream’ has a very strong and trustworthy voice as he connects with his audience and allows them to feel apart of the speech instead of only the people listening.

In the novel ‘The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender’, Day introduces the protagonist of the novel, Claudia Valentine. Throughout the novel we learn that Valentine acquires two Distinctive voices, a public and a private voice. She is seen as a female version of a traditional 40’s tough talking detective that expresses a formal voice towards the people she meets due to her job. This public voice that we are shown through her profession shows her commitment and her passion for her job. Within the novel Mrs. O’Toole asks Claudia if she would like to stay for a cup of tea, Valentine then replies saying ‘No, perhaps some other time. Thank you, goodbye.’ Through the use of her Stream of consciousness we are shown her Public voice and her professionalism towards the people she interviews, Valentine knows how to complete her job properly. Although later on in the novel when the character Steve Angell is introduced we learn of a different side of Claudia Valentine, a more privatized voice. Her feelings and thoughts are widely portrayed by Day whilst Valentine is with Angell. Through the idiom used when Valentine states ‘I didn’t feel like going home and licking my wounds alone.’ This demonstrates to the reader that she feels very...


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