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The Purple Bag of Skittles

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The Purple Bag of Skittles
Kenethia Lewis
ENG 121
Lindsay Bryde
August 12, 2013

The Purple Bag of Skittles

At first glimpse, of the Wild Berry bag of Skittles, you notice the main color of the small rectangular shape package is its vibrant purple color.   The top portion of the bag, the words Wild Berry appear in a yellow non -traditional font style.   In larger bold white lettering Skittles trademark logo, they purposely dotted with a red Skittle.   You can spot Skittles candy falling out of a brightly colored rainbow as the background image.   Strategically placed in the lower left hand corner is the calorie content per pack. Located in lower right hand corner it reads: Bite size candy Natural and Artificial Flavors.   Directly underneath it provides the net weight in ounces and grams.   A bag of Skittles weighs approximately two ounces in size.   A purple bag of Skittles can be described as having several versions of berry flavors inside every bag.
Flipping the package over, this time skittles logo appears in a miniature print than the front side.   There are five different color flavored candies; green-melon berry, purple-berry punch, blue-raspberry, and pink-strawberry, which is my favorite flavor.   Next, to the flavors this bag contains the black and white bar code.   The bar code tells the cash register how much this candy will cost, ranging between, and $.85-$1.00.   Below the bar code reads Product shown is not actual size.   Since everything and everyone is connected to the, internet and various social networks.   It’s only natural for Skittles to have its own web address www.skittles.com and facebook page www.facebook.com/skittles. The remainder of the package discloses the nutrition facts and the ingredients used to make Skittles. The nutritional facts are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.   These bite size treats contain 250 calories, 2.5grams of total fat, 20 milligrams of sodium, 56 grams of total carbohydrates, and it also contains 45 grams of sugar....


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