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Gre Argument: Seafood Restaurant

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The argument for opening a new restaurant specialized in seafood may seem a workable idea. However, more questions need to be addressed and thorough investigations be done to decide whether the new business will be popular and profitable.
The most important question to address is whether there has been and will be a significant increase in the number of residents in Bay City who would go to a restaurant to eat seafood. The fact result revealed by the nationwide study that fewer double-income families eat home-cooked meals and that they are more concerned about healthful eating, as revealed by the nationwide study,   may not be typical of the residents of Bay City or may not genuinely reflect the trend in this city. Despite the increase in two-income families in the city, most people here may still enjoy eating at home instead of going to restaurants. Or they may consume more fast food instead of healthful food e.g. seafood, since they are busy with workmore people are busy with work in a two-income majority population. What’s more, even if the national study is representative of the locals, which means they have tended to eat much less at home and begun to be more concerned about eating healthy, it does not follow that they would consume more seafood, since there are a wide variety of healthful foods including all types of vegetables and other types of healthful meats; or they would eat seafood but not necessarily in a local restaurant: they may prefer to do that at a friend’s or go to restaurants in other places outside of town (in restaurants in holiday resorts or nearby seaside areas). This question is critical because the new business will not have enough business to cover its costs unless there will be a significant increase in seafood consumption in restaurants.
In addition, the author should question whether a substantial number of local restaurant goers would really like to consume seafood in a specialized restaurant. The increase of seafood consumption...


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