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Gun Control

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As a result of resent events in the United States the past few years, the very controversial topic of gun control has been brought time and time again. The Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre in Newtown Connecticut, the Aurora Century 16 Massacre in Colorado, the Virginia Tech massacre, and the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado are just a few infamous examples that have all sparked various gun control debates, but after the Sandy Hook shooting, steps are now being taken towards gun control.
American is divided over the topic of gun control. Some people believe that we should ban assault weapons all together to help prevent massacres like these. On the other hand, some think that this is again out 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Some people think instead of banning weapons, we should increase school security with armed guards and increased safety and evacuation plans. Finally, some people think that we have a lack of mental health programs that would be able to help out young adults, preventing deeply satisfying events like the ones that have occurred so recently.
The National Rifle Association (NRA) fits right into the middle of this debate. First, some background information. The National Rifle Association is an American organization that promotes the usage of firearm ownership, self-defense, hunting, etc. The NRA was started in 1871 in Richmond, VA and currently has over 4.3 million members. President David Keene and Vice-President Wayne LaPierre run the NRA. The NRA is a lobbying group that lobbies for gun rights and asserts that the second amendment guarantees the right of individuals to bear arms. The NRA typically opposes legislation restricting gun ownership, and it’s one of the largest lobbying groups in the US. In this controversial gun debate, the NRAs perspective is well known. The NRA is Pro assault weapons, against a ban. Instead of weapon bans, the NRA is for increased security in schools, including armed guards, and increased...


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