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Self Reflection on Smarter Measures

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Self-Reflection 9/9/2013

"Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers."   Tony Robbins, American life coach and self-help author and motivational speaker is credited as saying.   By going through the Smarter Measures assessment I hoped to find areas of strengths that I could build on and identify weaknesses that I could be aware of and improve on.   Each of the three areas, Life Factors, Personal Attributes and Learning Styles asked these better questions and by reflecting on them I hoped to get better answers.  
The first area I examined was Life Factors and the five items it focused on; Time, Place, Reason, Resources, and Skills.   These measures looked at elements that may impact my ability to continue my education.   I identified two major areas that I can adjust to allow for my success. Time was my measure of greatest concern.   Work, family, and school are all things that will demand my time.   Time is something that I will have to manage and monitor closely to make sure that one area is left to suffer. The highest measure was skills. I believe I do have what it takes intellectually to attend Montcalm Community College. These outside elements play a large role in the outcome of my education and how I adjust each will be key to my personal success.

I agree with the Smarter Measure Life Factors I agree with the outcome and have closely looked at each area to pinpoint what changes I can make to ensure my success.   Looking at time, my family as always been where I have dedicated the largest amount.   My family will remain my number one priority and yet there are areas that I have decided to make some changes.   Two of these are preparing family dinners and attending events.   We will still have our dinner together as a family as that is something that I feel strongly about but instead of a meal that took an afternoon to make we may enjoy a simpler feast and still benefit from the time spent together.   I have also decided...


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