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The 5 People You Meet in Heaven

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In the The 5 People You Meet in Heaven, the main dynamic character, Eddie. This is because he goes through many events that change the way he approaches and views life.
In the beginning of the story, Eddie dies at the age of eighty-three years of age. Then, through flashbacks, the author reveals major events in Eddie's life. Beginning with Eddie's job as a maintenance man at Ruby Pier. At Ruby Pier, Eddie is in charge of the rides along with his assistant, Dominguez. In the first chapter, the reader learns about the notable accident-free safety record at Ruby Pier.
We also learn about a man who loses his car keys and this causes the most popular ride, Freddy's Free Fall to glitch. Eventually, Eddie fixes the ride and starts is again. But, as it begins again, he realizes that there is a cable that does not look right. He tries to get the people's attention, but no one notices him. No one realizes that this cable can cause all of the carts to fall and injure someone. Suddenly, he notices a cart fall towards a little girl. He runs and jumps to knock the girl out of the way. This was the last thing that Eddie will remember.
In the following chapters, Eddie reminesces on birthday moments and flashes back to moments in heaven. in each chapter, he meets a person in heaven and this person teaches him a lesson. For example, the first person he meets is the Blue Man, from a freak show on the Pier. The Blue Man reveals that the death of him was Eddie's fault. When Eddie was eight, he ran in front of the Blue man's car, and he swirved to prevent from hitting Eddie. In heaven, Eddie is taught a lesson: there are no random acts.
Eventually, Eddie meets his captain from a war. The captain was killed by a landmine as they were attempting to escape several months of captivity in the Philippines. But, Eddie notices a child under a burning tent. He ran to save her, but he was shot in the leg. The captain informs him that he was the one who shot Eddie in the leg to prevent him...


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  1. Really?
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    • This person obviously never read the book. I came to get some incite to write my own essay, maybe take a couple examples, but you have no idea about this book. Plus, it is called 5 People You Meet In Heaven, and you mentioned only 4 people. Horrible essay, deserves an F.