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Fire the Most Important Symbol in Lord of the Flies

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Fire, the Most Important Symbol in Lord of the Flies

One of Golding's predominant techniques for exhibiting his dramatic conflict involves the usage of symbols. Using the quote, the whole book is symbolic in nature; William Golding tries to prove his point by using different symbols that denote something that is unsteady on the island. Lord of the Flies is a considerably emblematic novel in which the symbols convey the major themes and how they evolve throughout the novel. Symbols can be objects, characters, figures, or colors used to represent abstract ideas or concepts. Fire is the most prominent symbol in the novel, and it leads to disputes between the boys.

Fire is more vital to the boys than any other substances on the island. “But I tell you that smoke is more important than the pig however, often you kill one” is one of the significant quotes by Ralph where he emphasizes the importance of the smoke/fire. Throughout book, the value of fire keeps constantly changing. At the beginning, the fire was very important to the children and demonstrated their necessity to be rescued. After all, when the savagery aspects gained importance among the children, the fire started to create disputes between the boys. Although towards the end of the book, they set the whole the forest on fire to kill Ralph, they fortunately got rescued. This shows us that we get things from hard work and luck equally.                                                                                                                                   The fire paves the way to the origin of civilization. The fire is even a tool to prepare food, gives protection and comfort at night. Although some boys wish for to hunt all the time and doesn’t aspire to guard the fire, they show dependence on fire, when they want to cook their meat.Towards the end of the book, when Jack and his group raids Ralph’s shelters to procure Piggy’s glasses, their dependence on Piggy’s glasses and to the fire is being...


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