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Tertiary Education or Primary Education

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For successful development of a country, should a government focus its budget more on very young children education rather than on universities?

With the advent of the information explosive era, education plays a crucial role in a country’s development. Advanced knowledge and technology serve as catalysts for international development. Governments show much concern about education and make investment in it.   Some people believe that the government should put much money on elementary education. Others, including myself, have an opposite opinion. There are several viewpoints presented as follows.

To begin with, there is no denying that elementary education is of great importance. Just as foundation is indispensable to a building,so is primary education to children’s further mental growth. Children are easier to accept new knowledge and information than adults. Consequently, government is well-advised to create a favorable environment for elementary education.  

However, I am convinced that the government should pay more attention to high-level education and far more money is needed for universities to guarantee academic research and teaching quality. Tertiary-level education, which acts as a symbol of a country’s educational level ,represents the cutting-edge technologies of a country’s academic achievements and has a great impact on the economic development. Owing to financial support from the state, professors in universities will have more budgets on their research. As is known to us all,Many instruments used in experiments are so expensive and costly. Without this fund, professors will have great trouble allocating funds. If professors do not have to worry about the source of fund, they can be engrossed in doing the research and make great contributions to their country. What's more, government's big budget on universities may attract more excellent intellectuals and researchers into the country and enjoy a higher reputation worldwide.

In addition,a...


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