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Macbeth Essay

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Lady Macbeth is more evil and responsible for the murder of King Duncan because she has the strengths that complement Macbeth‘s weaknesses. Although the Witches tempted Macbeth with Scotland’s crown, initially he was hesitant whether or not to believe their prediction. Macbeth was hesitant because he knew the Witches got the information from an evil source. On the other hand, Lady Macbeth did not hesitate about usurping power because she was more obsessed with power than her husband was. Therefore, she is a more evil character and therefore more responsible for the murder. Lady Macbeth has the strengths that complement Macbeth’s weaknesses and so their plot succeeded for the time being. First of all, she is the driving intelligence behind the plot. She organizes the details of the plot, whereas Macbeth simply follows her instructions. Secondly, her confidence and her will power exceed that of her husband’s. On the contrary, Macbeth has doubts even about his goals.   Finally, Lady Macbeth goes beyond every means to achieve her objective even when she needs to do unnatural things.
First of all, Lady Macbeth is more responsible for the murder of King Duncan. She is also a more evil because she is the driving intelligence behind the plot. Lady Macbeth is also more capable of manipulating the characters around her. The first victim of her flattery is King Duncan who is disarmed of all feelings of suspicion. She is the master flatterer and she easily sways the naïve Duncan. Lady Macbeth thanks Duncan for “those honors deep and broad wherewith Your Majesty loads our house” (Act 1, 6, 17-18). Duncan only demurs with a naïve complaint saying that “the love that follows us sometimes is our trouble” (Act 1, 6, 11-12). Through flattery, Lady Macbeth prepares the unsuspecting king to fall victim to the plot.  
Through guilt, Lady Macbeth also co-opts her husband into the plot. In the beginning, we see that Macbeth is hesitant about being an accomplice in the crime but Lady...


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