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Book Report: the Alchemist

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1. According to Coelho a personal calling is God's Blessing, Simply the path that God laid before us for us to follow.

The Main 4 obstacles in the way of achieving our personal calling are simple things.   Such as from childhood we are told everything we want to do is impossible, and we should stray away from that path.   Eventually through living with these beliefs through our adulthood creates a sense of fear, prejudice, and the guilt of everything that may or may not have anything to do with us.   This will eventually hide our destiny deep within our souls, completely invisable due to the feeling of not being worthy enough to obtain it.   For those few who manage to get past this obstacle are faced by the second obstacle of life, the simpility and complexity of love.   We know what we truly want to happen but we are afraid of leaving those who love us alone, which is another factor of feeling guilty.   Because of this many never followed the path to the next turn, but instead simply stopped and settled down.   However nobody realizes that those who truly wish for us to be happy are more than willing to accompany us on this journey.   The third obstacle is an obstacle that seemingly blocks my own path often. It is the fear that we will fail at what we are going to do, that we will look like a fool and be lead on to our demise.   Even though what most people don't understand is that on your path you will discover defeat after defeat, but yet there will always be a glistening light gleaming through the pure, black, darkness if life.   This is also why Coelho refers to everyone following their path as a warrior of light.   Because we race against the darkness and not running from it's evil intent.   Eventually after we beat the darkness of defeat and failure we feel a sense of euphoria, a great sense of pride, joy, and pure happiness.   Though one day we will notice the scars from these battles on us, creeping deeper towards our souls blocking the path.   There is also one...


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