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Henrietta Goodson

Introduction to Business

August 31, 2013

Travis Williams

The ethical issues in this situation are the simple fact that Daryl is using company time, money

and resources for his own personal gain. Daryl is being unethical because he is using all the

interns and secretaries for his department to work on a book that will only benefit him, this is not

allowing them to do the work that they need to do for the other supervisors in the department.

The other unethical thing Daryl is doing is using company resources for his own personal

benefit; this is causing the company to lose money. His actions are causing more harm than good

to the company; Daryl is using a lot of time and that is causing the activities that need to be done

to not get done. Production has slowed down and important company activities are being

neglected because the other supervisors cannot get what they need typed because Daryl has

everybody working for him. Daryl decision is not balanced because he is not treating his job or

coworkers fairly. Daryl is not committed to his job and he has put his coworkers in danger of

getting fired. He is using company resources at the expense of the company. Daryl is setting a

bad example of following and upholding the rules and responsibilities that come with being in a

management position; he is abusing his power. I would handle the situation by talking to Daryl

about his unethical behavior and how it is hurting everyone else and ask him to think about what

he is doing and to change it. I would also inform him of what would happen if the boss finds out

what is happening. I would explain to Daryl how the interns and secretaries feel and ask him to

consider their thoughts about what he is doing to them. I would suggest he may ask consider

paying someone to type and research the book in their free time for a fee. I would also take my...


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