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Old School

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"I always thought I told the truth," Sometimes, the truth is hard to tell apart from lies, yet we always want, and usually need to be able to differentiate the truth from the lies. Not everything is clear to us, and when the truth is not distinct, we still know that the answer that we are looking for is hidden somewhere, somewhere among the jumbled lies. In the book, "Old School," we become familiar with a narrator who quite often confused lies and truths. The most significant example of this would be when he did not know whether the story that he was sharing was his or someone else's.
Eventually, we come to know that the story that the narrator confused, was a story of a girl, which the narrator believed to have an identical life to - which made him believe that he was sharing his life story. What makes the two lives identical start from doing the same things all the way to sharing emotions. Through this, he understands the thoughts and feelings of the girl in the story. As the narrator connects so well with the girl, when he types up his narration of the girl, he continues to believe that what he is writing is his story; the reality he is living. At the same time, we know this all is a fallacy.
This leads back to finding the truth between the lies, "Because the truth lies like nothing else and I love the truth.


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