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Arctic Deer Live on Islands in Canada's Arctic Regions. They Search for Food by Moving over Ice from Island to Island During the Course of the Year. Their Habitat Is Limited to Areas Warm Enough to Sustain the Plants on

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The argument above attributes the decline in the population of deer residing on arctic islands in Canada to global warming. However in the current form this argument is flawed and incomplete. It can be stated as true only if it provides certain evidence in the form of reliable data, statistics and research.

The first major piece of evidence that could strengthen this argument is the confirmation of the decline in the deer population by a source more reliable than 'local hunters'. It is possible that the hunters might have not been able to gauge the trends of these 'migrating' deer accurately, and the deer may have been in some other regions of the island than predicted by these hunters. Would there be a report by a group of biologists studying these deer, stating that the population of these deer is on a decline, could the argument have carried some weightage. In fact it would be reinforced if data citing the percentage decline in the population, along with the population trends in past years would be provided.

Furthermore, the argument puts the onus of this decline, on global warming. Indeed global warming is the cause behind a large number of environmental problems facing us today. But the argument needs to prove that it is in fact because of global warming that these deer are becoming endangered. This needs three pieces of important information. First, there should be evidence regarding the claims about global warming. A published report or some data which could suggest that global warming is affecting the arctic islands of Canada. Second,   that the decline is not because of any other reason. Inordinate hunting, decline in the general health of deer due to a disease spreading amongst them causing increased deaths, lack of proper grazing areas, some calamity in the past years such as a glacier, which in the recent past caused the death of large herds of deer, all these are potential causes for the decline of deer and the argument needs to refute these....


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