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The Role of the Teacher

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What is the role of a Teacher?

I believe that anyone can be a teacher, because whenever you start sharing the knowledge you have achieved in that instant you start playing the role of a teacher. But the truth is that not everybody knows how to transmit principles, values and really make disciples.

In other words, we can say that teachers play the same vital role as mothers play for their kids. Like mothers, teachers show their care, love, respect, lead and instruct for the progress of their students. Teachers create a safer and pleasant environment and their attitude is as positive as mothers have for their children’s. And it is a shame that not every teacher is patient and lovely with their students.

There are all types of teachers some are better than others. Through my life I have met a lot of teachers as a student. I had some professors who were well prepared and some who were not. I have great memories of most of them, particularly those who taught me a lot, and from others not so much. I had some teachers who just came into the class and started teaching, but never involve with the students. Also, I remember those who never did anything in class, and you could pass the course only sitting there.

One of the teachers that taught me about many other things   was Elena, my Spanish teacher in Elementary School, she taught me only for a year but I can say that after ten years she is still one of my favorite mentors, teachers and friends.   She was the counseling and enabling role teacher because she made me independent of the teacher and I practiced self-learning. We had a lot of assignments of "learning through doing" and I remember that they were really funny. I can say that I enjoyed her classes and I was only waiting to have a class with her.

One of my worst teachers was in Elementary School in History class, her name was Paty. She never came punctual, she was always late and you could tell that she wasn’t either organized. I remember that we...


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