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Hongxing Works Hard to Develop New Product

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If the rotor center of gravity deviation from the geometric center of the shaft , the resulting imbalance of static ; the rotation centerline of the rotor and the main axis of inertia centerline does not coincide were cross state , it will have the power imbalance . Rotor imbalance , crusher bearings In addition to withstand rotor mass , but also by the inertia centrifugal force , inertia centrifugal moment , so that bearings wear out quickly , increase in power consumption , resulting in mechanical vibrations .

With the growing demand for construction aggregate , Hongxing Machinery new impact crusher is much of the market. Front , Hongxing Machinery to share on the operating parameters of the new impact crusher , then to share with the new counter-attack to the frame and hammer crusher hammer . New impact crusher rotor of the spindle, the hammer frame and hammer , a high-speed rotary motion components , install and balance problems of the hammer frame and hammer it is very important , otherwise the crusher work will create an imbalance vibration injury spindle bearings and other components .

Typically, when , after the hammer wear , the effect of crusher broken significantly lower decline in production capacity , then you need to replace part of a hammer . When the hammers wear and need to exchange face or replaced with new hammer , but also want to hammer the quality of matching . Replacement of a new hammer , should be symmetrical in pairs in the radial replacement crusher running up the balance , to reduce vibration . The installation position of the hammer should also pay attention to the corresponding consistent , otherwise the rotor will vibrate due to the uneven centrifugal force .

New back-breaking L / D ratio is small , most of the rotor speed below 1500r/min , generally static balance adjustment . The rotor static balance adjustment , hinged suspension of the hammer should not be installed . To be balanced , the weighing method the quality of...


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