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Kugelmass´ Crazy Romance

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Kugelmass looked for a crazy romance. Therefore, he deceived his wife, a professor identified him as the ‘sporadically appearing character’ in a book, and he was wrongly projected into an old grammar textbook.
One of the negative effects of Kugelmass´ crazy desire for romance was that Daphne, his wife, was suspicious of him because he was acting strange in front of her. Kugelmass had started to be nervous and tense when he was with his wife because he was afraid that she discovered that he was having an affair with Emma, a French fictional character of a novel. Then, every time he had to meet Daphne he arrived late on the pretext that there was a lot of traffic or he told her that he was late because he had been talking with another professor for a long time. These attitudes made Daphne believe that Kugelmass was acting strange and she thought that he was distant recently.
Another negative effect of kugelmass´ desire for romance was that there was a Professor who threatened Kugelmass to reveal his secret to Daphne. Professor Fivish Kopkind, who taught Comparative Literature at City College, had always been jealous of Kugelmass and had identified him as the ‘sporadically appearing character’ in the Flaubert book, to which Emma belonged to. Then, Fivish had threatened Kugelmass to go to Daphne and tell her the truth. Daphne did not know that his husband had been projected into a French novel, by a magician named Mr. Persky, so that he could have an affair with the woman of this novel. Also, many students in various classrooms across the country were asking to their teachers about the new bald Jew character that appeared kissing Emma at the novel. Kugelmass thought that if Daphne got to know the truth she would reduce him to beggary.
Finally, the last negative effect of Kugelmass´ desire for romance was that he was sent to an old grammar textbook. Kugelmass had decided to return to the magician´s apartment in search of another affair. When Kugelmass entered once...


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