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Escaping The Escaped          

I scanned around for James. Nope. Not there.

Suddenly, people ran towards the exit. I asked the nearest zookeeper what in the world was going on. He yelled at me in the ear:
“There are wild animals on the loose! Get out!” No way! I couldn’t leave my brother. Once I got myself untangled from the general public, I started searching. A few moments later, I heard a piercing cry. My blood froze, it came from the cafeteria.

I burst inside the cafeteria and was horrified at seeing a couple of hyenas circling my brother. I backed away but found myself trapped. My hand then touched a few plastic bags. I slowly took a bag and popped it and the hyenas ran away. I scooped James up and ran to the iron gates but they were closed.

I heard a snarl, turned around and once again, I was trapped. I suddenly had another idea. James knew how to play hide-and-seek. I whispered in his ear instructions. He smiled cheekily. I lowered and hid him behind my back as he waddled off to hide behind a tree. The hyenas hadn’t noticed.

I rejoiced only too quickly. Four of the hyenas had crouched discreetly and had pounced on me. I stood aside and they went bashing into the gate. Then, a loud piercing scream echoed around the sanctuary and I was surprised to find out it was mine.

The hyena had dug its teeth deep in my wrist and left a terrifying wound with streams of blood hastening out. The hyena, for some peculiar reason, had not bitten it off. It was nursing its companions. I staggered to James and fell. I suddenly remembered the other exit in the marine toyshop. I stood up and took James by the hand.

We came to a large pool sharks with an island connected to a bridge. I leaned over the pool but as I leaned in, I felt dizzy and…in the pool I went. But the worst is that I went head in first and my skull unleashed a thick fog of crimson blood in the water.

I thought of swimming to the island but the sharks started swirling around me then...


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