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My Grandfather - title

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My grandfather is retired veteran from the old British Indian Army. He fought many battles and survived.He is very strict but at the same time, caring too. He always want me to get up early in the morning and to do some exercises. He says that early in the morning, from about 4 O' clock to 6 O' clock, there's a special gas which comes down to the earth's surface. If we do some inhaling and exhaling in this fresh air, it will replace the dirty air in our body with the pure air present outside.He also mentioned that after 6 O' clock the sunlight reaches the earth and this gas dissapears.  
                              My grandfather was hardworking and always wanted to help others.He has never punished me for anything and that is why I love him.His skin is dark. He has spectacles and need a stick to walk. Many other people of his age are either dead or hospitalized but my grandpa can still walk because he was also an athlete. He got prizes in       Bombay Provincial Olympics and many other sports meets.
                          His lightning speed in running also made him a good football player. He was in the Indian Football team during the British rule and that team consisted of ten Englishmen and one Indian and that Indian was my grandpa. He was known as the iron defense of his team.
                At his young age he trained by himself on sandy river banks which improved his running speed. He had no coach or any teacher. I would like to tell you about one of his experiences for his archives
                  One day when he was in Kashmir, India, heavy snowfall occurred. At that time, one of his soldier's fell sick. his fever was severe. My grandfather told the camp commander about the situation. the camp commander said, "it is almost midnight, there is nothing we can do." my grandfather asked the camp commander if he would give him permission to carry that soldier on his back to the main base camp. The commander said that it was his pleasure to grant...


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