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Benefits of Owning a Dog

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Benefits of Owning a Dog
Dogs are always known as a man’s best friend. Over the years, dogs have been considered just cute and cuddly companions. However, studies have shown that dogs may be more than just a cuddly friend. Dogs in particular are considered very close to humans and have been present in many houses. Some people usually think dogs are just troubles and ruin everything but they are wrong. Almost every dog owner believes that keeping a dog as a family member has unlimited benefits. Some people may think that owning a dog may cause house damages and cost of money; however, dogs provide their owners with mental health, security, and a great life partnership.
Although some people may say that dogs can cause house damages and cost money for their health care, dogs can give their owners so much in the long run. Instead of getting a fancy dog, owners could get a low maintenance dog that doesn’t require much eating, grooming or exercising. Additionally, with the present of dogs in the house, children will be able to step outside instead of most kids nowadays sticking their eyes to electronic devices. Unlike parents, dogs will never give children orders; they will love and protect children from anything. Studies have also shown that pets can help calm hyperactive or overly aggressive kids (Robinson and Segal). Finally, they provide us with opportunities for soothing, meditative activities like brushing and petting that help lower the heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels. Through dogs’ requirement of time and attention, children in families could learn about responsibility for owning something which could help them a lot in the future.
People today are most stressed and pressured with their home and work lives. Some people never take the time to relax and get exercise to help relieve the pressures of their daily lives. It has been shown that dogs can be an important role in relieving stress and mental health. What’s better than coming home and...


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