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Why Do I Want to Be an Engineer?

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Engineering has always captured my imagination; from the enormity of the Airbus A380 to the minute workings of a computer circuit board, I have always been inspired to develop my understanding of the world around me, through my passion for engineering.
When I was growing up, a number of questions about the world around me were projected into my mind. Why was it that when I turned the television on a motion picture would appear? When my parents were driving me around in a car, how were we able to move? When I typed on the computer, how did numbers and letters show up on the computer screen? It was soon that I realized that while all these questions had their own specific answers, there was a common answer for all, and that answer was engineering. Engineering is why we can go from New York to London in seven hours. Engineering is how we have been able to fight the Measles and smallpox. Engineering is why I can submit a college application online. 
The thought of new innovations and finding solutions to our problems, asked me to challenge myself mentally and make use of all my knowledge, and hence I looked for a career which would do this. And so engineering was an obvious choice.
Ever since I was a child I’ve always enjoyed building or making things, whether it was Lego, knex, paper planes, or even rubber band powered cars. The ability to make something from scratch and to see the finished result in front of you creates a sense of pride and accomplishment. Also when creating things even as simple as a paper plane, you need to find the best possible design to suit the requirements; whether you want maximum distance, or for the plane to spiral as it flies. The same is true for engineering, you need to understand exactly what you want and need, and then find the best design for this, again challenging yourself mentally. It is this construction, sense of pride and accomplishment, and the need for the best possible design that causes me to be interested in...


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