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What We Can Not Afford to Lose

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经济11-1 张韵
What we can’t afford to lose
  Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! Today my topic is we can not afford to lose national spirit.
  As a Chinese person, I was thinking about what makes us a strong nation, and what supports and develops our country? Through out Chinese history, I figured out that the Chinese traditional spirit is the key to that question. Lin Zexu, the first national hero in modern Chinese history, showed strong patriotism in suppression on opium trading; During the long march, the spirit of consistent fighting against difficulties made the Anti-Japanese War a success; open-policy accelerated the speed of development, which showed our creative nature. I am so proud of our country because it is based on traditional Chinese spirit such as perseverance and benevolence. These spirits move china on. That’s why we can not afford to lose national spirit.
  But recently, some of us have looked down upon our national spirit. They just left it behind and acted foolishly. Here comes an array of problems. At school, a lot of teenagers are fanatical about foreign countries.   In business , cheating seems popular among the merchants. In politics, corruption in place of hardwork. In our neighborhood, a flow of people always complaining about society. Media created the miracle as if we could get rich overnight. If we can not find our way to cultivate national spirit, this ignorance and hypocrisy will manipulate our mind someday. Here we get a case that gets us thinking. In oct.2010 , a male college school student drove into 2 girls on his way to pick up his girlfriend. He didn’t stop his car at that time. He just fled the scene.   And later, While he was being detained by a security guard, he shouted “my father is Li Gang!” And as it was reported, Li Gang was a chief of police station in BaoDing Hebei . After that, his words aroused a great number of critics. The media pointed out that people behaving like him is a shame of our nation, because they lack...


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