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Oil Issues in Nigeria

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There is still much controversy over what action should be taken in Syria. However, as of Tuesday the Syrian government appeared to be inclined to accept the Russian proposal, which is also already endorsed by China and Iran, for Syria to hand over chemical weapons. Conversely President Barack Obama said he would work with other countries to pressure Syria to put its chemical weapons under international control and ultimately destroy them. Unfortunately, Russian President Vladimir Putin said placing Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile under international control will not succeed unless the United States and its allies reject the use of force against Syria.

Although this plan seems to work for some others are not so convinced, in fact rebels and activists of Syria believe that the proposal is a just a ploy, they are just angry and disappointed.

American’s are also unsure of the Russian proposal and they haven’t come to an agreement to what amount of action should be taken. Some say using force would be too broad of a punishment whereas others feel that Syria’s use of chemical weapons requires a strong response. Hilary Clinton said ‘the use of lethal chemicals against men, women and children violates a universal norm, at the heart of our global order and it demands a strong response from the international community led by the United States. ‘ Even as things are still undecided in the senate, UN members attempt to work on a new resolution to enforce the plan for Syria to turn over its chemical weapons. In spite of this Russia has already objected to some of the language that has been drafted, maintaining that force has to be completely off the table for the plan to work.

I didn’t pick up any underlying bias in this article it was pretty cut and dry on what was going on in multiple aspects concerning Syria and didn’t have an opinion on whether or not to use force. My opinion is that we need to all just come to an agreement that protects human life. I don’t...


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