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The situation that i want to tell is based on the true story which is it is about a school girl who have been raped and got pregnant. The situation happened around three years ago when I’m still in high school and that girl was my junior. Her boyfriend and his friends raped her on her first day of PMR   examination. It happened when she followed her boyfriend for a date after the examination finished. Unfortunately, her boyfriend brought her to his rent house. Her boyfriend lied to her by saying he wanted to pick some stuff that he left at his home, whereas his friends already gathered inside the house to trap her. As they arrived at her boyfriend’s house, her boyfriend asked her to waited for him inside the house. She was too fooled and trusted a man who she know only about 2 months and she entered into the house without any hesitation.
Later on, her boyfriend gave her a drink that contained some esctacy pills to simplify their plan. After that, she started to trance and didn’t realize what happened to her. Then, all the guys raped her in rotation and for many times. That situation happened until night and the rapists include her boyfriend left her alone in the house. She was in very bad condition. She was severed bleeding and she was too weak to move or called for helped because she lost a lot of blood and bruises all over the body.
Luckily she still can slowly shove and managed to get out from the house and scream with the lowest volume of voice. About fifteen minutes later, luckily there’s an aunt next door found her lied on the floor in cold and endured the pain. She was in very bad condition and she fainted on the way to the hospital. She had been brought to the emergency room due to her critical condition. The hospital informed her parents and they also reported to the police about the crime. Her parents were in very unstable emotion after they knew what happened to their daughter. They have been looking her everywhere with the police’s helped but can’t...


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