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Technology in Insidious

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Evaluate how new technologies have been used in the products in your cross media study?
With the print poster the media producers have used certain technical codes to engage with the specific audience. The media producer has also used enigma codes to create different readings and interpretations for the narrative to gain more attention towards the print.   The print engages with the audience by using classic technical codes to fit within the supernatural/ horror element. Using these codes and conventions therefore interests and persuades the target audience to watch the production and sell the film. Enigma codes are used in the mise en scene to make the audience identify and therefore engage with the print. The mise en scene consists of a classic haunted house conventions.   With this the media producers have altered certain elements around the house to create wariness for the audience to engage with. For example the slightly opened curtain on the left hand side of the house creates enigma for the audience because they want to know what’s lurking behind them. This had been used to make the audience feel on edge and slightly cautious.
The media producers have used written codes to create further enigma, ‘it’s not the house that’s haunted’ engages with the audience as it persuades them to uncover the mystery of the narrative by potentially watching the film. The written codes are used to give clues for the audience to engage with, therefore creating more attention towards the film and its narrative.   The written codes are interpolated to create a polycemic view of the film. ‘It’s not the house that’s haunted’ makes the audience question who in fact is which makes them engage even further.
A written code in the protagonist’s eyes (‘insidious, is’) engages with the audience because it creates a cliff-hanger effect. The written codes are also used to persuade the audience to watch the film because they want to uncover the mystery of the insidious. Furthermore it...


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