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My Future

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I often wonder about my future as I have already finished my secondary school. The number one question on my mind is which profession should I choose? It is very hard to make any definite choices, because I know they will affect me for the rest of my life. I want a profession that will satisfy me, and bring me joy. I believe that a job should be like a hobby. I want to love my work.
My first step would have to be actually putting my best foot forward and climbing that big ladder of success. My plan for the future is having a great job with a loving family who's willing to support me in my good and bad times and also traveling around the world. But now I realize that there are so many other steps I need to take in order to achieve these goals. This includes graduating from   college, finding that special person, and finding that amazing job. I realize that some of these plans and goals may change, but with a plan, the start of the journey can begin.
First of all, focusing on my college life in Limkokwing University is a major priority. Having a a degree in business, will be a great advantage for my future plans. Learning and understanding how to manage a business could open my mind to create new innovative ideas and possibilities in this field.
I always imagine, that I could open up a business that are in line with the food industry. I have this passion not only from my dad and mom. Since my dad owned a restaurant, I'm hoping to follow his footsteps by opening my own restaurant, and franchising all around the world. I grew up in a huge family of seven. My mom really enjoys cooking and loves to watch cooking channels. Because I adore her cooking so much, it made me want to make a restaurant based on her cooking.
I cannot really imagine having a family yet, but I am 20 years old, so I have to start thinking about it. As for now, I am only focusing my attention on finishing my studies. Also, before I have a family, I would like to travel overseas. I want to see...


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