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Making a great performance at work and playing with friends both give people a feeling of happiness.However,the achievements that I have made in my job make me much more cheerful than my social life does because of the feeling of confidence, the money I earned and the people who shared my happiness.
        Firstly,I feel proud and confident when I have done a good job.For instance,after several months of hard work,I finally finished my design of the appearance of a new automobile.All I feel are confidence and completement when I appreciate the beautiful looking of my design and receive praises from my boss.The happy result motivates me to do better work in the future.In other words,the happiness will last for a long time.In the contrary,hanging out with   friends is only aimed to kill spare time, as a result, it is normal to feel lost and empty after having a party with friends.
        Another important source of happiness comes from the large amounts of money that I earned in my job. There is a saying goes 'money can not buy happiness,'but in fact,with the salary that I have gained,I can do a lot of things that make me happy,such as taking a trip to Hong Kong, buying a new cellphone and donating a part of my salary to the local charity.Whereas,social activities always cost money.For example, when my friends and I finished the meal in the restuarant, I had to pay my part of the big bill, which can cancel out the joy with my friends.
        Finally,the emotion of happiness intensifies when it is shared with more people.As the news that I have done a great job at work spreads to my colleagues,friends and parents,they all feel proud of me,which makes me more joyful.Unlike this widespread happiness shared with the people around me,I can only share my happiness with a small group of friends,which limits my feeling of happiness.
        For the reasons above,my job has a greater impact on my happiness than my social life does.


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