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Copper Mining Uses Oxide Ore Beneficiation Methods

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Pioneering method is mainly road transport to explore and develop combined transport. Now open up the largest open pit copper plant in Jiangxi Dexing Copper Mine deposit Nanshan District, 1970 Nissan has formed the scale ore 10,000 t in 1989, has expanded Chengri ore production capacity of 30,000 t, the third phase of construction to expand mining inheritance capacity and building Beishan mining area. 2000 will develop Dexing ore field Fujiawu another large deposit, then Dexing Mine Field will become one of the world’s large open pit copper mine. Currently Nanshan open pit, using motor transport, transverse stripping method. In addition, there are open pit mines Yongping Copper Mine in Jiangxi, Guangdong stone  two large copper mines. Yongping mine adopts ditching development, lateral propulsion, stone  mine at-44m above the main transport used car fixed. There’s deposit, first open pit mining, underground mining after. Gansu Baiyin copper Zheyaoshan, Flaming two mines, equal to this pioneering way.

Copper ores and minerals can be found in the crust. They are stored in the sedimentary and igneous rocks. The main ore of copper are: chalcopyrite, bornite, malachite.

Copper ore mining

Copper can be extracted from the ore:

The traditional mining

Ground floor: Stem driven underground to the appropriate depth of its exposure to lateral tunnel ore.

Open: 90% of the ore mined using this method. Near-surface ore can be mined after the removal of the surface layer.


Ore with dilute sulfuric acid. Slowly dissolve copper ore, copper sulfate formed. Electrolytic refining of copper can be extracted. Metal ore extracted from copper process

There are two different types of copper, sulphide and oxide ore. Sulphide ore flotation from the flotation cell, and the general use of leaching of oxide ore beneficiation methods. First, from the open-pit copper mine is blasted, loaded and transported to the primary crusher. Then, ore crushing, screening,...


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