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Brief Description on Bentonite Grinding Equipment

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Bentonite Grinding Equipment Overview:

Bentonite milling machine according to the size of production is divided into three roll crusher, four roll mill, five rolls Raymond, six rolls Raymond, bentonite in the traditional Raymond mill is based on the increase of the pressure springs, improved mill yield not only improved, but also the high-pressure grinding roll grinding ring life under spring pressure also increased, bentonite mill is currently on the market the most common industrial milling equipment for a variety of minerals preparation, coal preparation and so on.

Bentonite milling machine works:

Bentonite Raymond hosts, roller assembly through the cross arm shaft roller hanger hanging on the hanger with the spindle and roller blade knife fixed connection, pressure spring pressure in the roller bearing chamber outer end surface of the cantilever, cross arm as a fulcrum to force the roller shaft tightly pressed on the surface of the inner circle grinding ring, when the motor is driven through a gear spindle rotation, turret mounted on the shovel blade on the synchronous rotation with the roller, roller mill grinding ring while scrolling the inner circle rotation around its own axis. Gear drive motor through the analysis of machine rotation, the higher the impeller speed, sub-sub-elected finer powder. To ensure the mill work under negative pressure, the increased air flow through the fan between the host and the trachea into the baghouse I was after purification into the atmosphere.

Bentonite Introduction and Purpose:

Bentonite has a strong hygroscopic, can absorb equivalent to 20 times its own volume of water 8 is expanded to 30 times; can be dispersed in the aqueous medium was a colloidal suspension, and has a certain viscosity, thixotropy and lubricity , it sediment and other admixture with plasticity and adhesion, there is a strong cation exchange capacity and the adsorption capacity

Bentonite is a multi-purpose mineral, which mainly depends...


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