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Brake rotors are the rotating discs on the Mercedes-Benz disc brake system. They are mounted on the Mercedes Benz drive train and provide a clamping surface for the brake pads. When you step on the brake pedal, the foot pressure is transmitted hydraulically by the master cylinder to a push rod connected to the caliper-driven brake pads. Depending on the foot pressure input, the caliper then squeezes on the brake rotors and retards the motion of the car.
The disc brake system of the Mercedes Benz works in principle like the brakes on a bicycle. But, since cars need more braking power, the caliper in the disc brake assembly clamps on the rotor to apply restraint on the wheels instead of a caliper tightening on the wheel itself. Aside from improved braking power, the Mercedes Benz disc brake assembly spares the wheels from the resulting friction.
Operationally, the brake rotors are exposed to high heat condition. Most Mercedes Benz brake rotors are made of cast iron to withstand the heat and friction against the brake pads. But the chronic contact between the two makes them highly disposed to regular replacement and maintenance. Brake pads are one of the maintenance items in a Mercedes Benz that require periodic replacement, while brake rotors often have a long service life.
Replacement brake pad sets are categorized as per drive applications. Brake pads with harder and less aggressive compounds are designed for Mercedes Benz cars used in city driving. Using this kind of friction material on performance cars can result in brake fade. Race cars, or performance Mercedes Benz cars for that matter, are fitted with a brake pad set lined with soft and more aggressive friction material like asbestos, Aramid, etc. Driving style and preferences are often valid considerations when deciding on brake pad replacement.
Because most brake pads are equipped with aggressive friction compounds, brake rotors are periodically flipped to make rotor wear...


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