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Facebook Essay

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I forced myself up the stairs. After the day I had at school. I felt like the stairs went on for miles. I finally was in my room which was freezing cold because I had left the window open from this morning! I then closed my window to shut out the cold and closed the blind because the light was shining in from outside which was hurting my tired eyes. I couldn't wait to sit and relax on my laptop after I had got my tea. The internet had been down for days and my phone has been dead for days too.   My little sister’s cat had decided it would be a good idea to chew right through the wire of my charger! But it was all sorted. The internet was back up and I had finally got a new charger.

"Rebecca! Your tea’s ready come down please shouted my mum".
I had been waiting for those words since I came home from school. I was so hungry. About half an hour later I went back up to my room so I could sit and relax and get on my laptop. While the laptop was loading up I got out of my school clothes and put on my jammies. Finally the laptop has loaded up and I went on Facebook. I had 123 notifications, 1 message and about 100 friend requests. I just left them all as I couldn't be bothered looking at them I just wanted to check what all my friends had been up to. I started scrolling through the recent updates and I thought a saw a photo of my boyfriend Mark and this girl called Chloe, but it couldn't have been. It just couldn't. I must have been mistaken. I decided to click on the photo just to double check. But no I was wrong! It was Mark and Chloe. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I had been sitting looking at the photo for about 10 minutes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My heart was racing. My eyes started to fill up but I kept trying to hold it in. That wasn't going to work for much longer. A flood of tears came flooding out of my eyes and flooded the laptop. Mark lied to me! The photo was 2 days old and he told me, when I asked him to come to mine...


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