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Workplace Survallence

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Workplace Surveillance
Imagine your boss has decided that all phone calls, e-mails, and other communications will be recorded and monitored. What assumptions is the boss making about the employees? Is such monitoring justified morally? Is it a good idea as a management tool?
This is not a concern for me, I have worked in a place where this was a practice. It did not bother me, because I went to work to perform a job and not to entertain other things.   If a person takes pride in their abilities, this would not be a concern either.   “An employer offers a job, with a salary and benefits, to an employee; in exchange, the employee does the job he or she was hired to do”. (2010)Mosser.   The only assumption the boss is making about their employees when these actions are taken in my opinion is that, the temptation can get to the best of us, but know getting tempted, it will be known.   Morally, if the employer can afford to have these distractions blocked automatically, would be the more appropriate behavior, not place the distraction in the first place.   I feel that when these practices are monitor, the employer has the right to know if they are paying an employee for socializing.   What if the place you work for cannot afford for the work being done to be passed on, it is to secret or something of that nature.   Of course everyone wants to be trusted but “to err is human…”   I feel it is a good tool to have.   If I was an employer, I would.


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