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The River or Bangladesh
Introduction: Bangladesh Is A Land Of Rivers. They Are Crises-Crossed In Whole Bangladesh. Most of the Rivers Have Risen From the Himalayas and Fallen Into the Bay Of Bengal. Some Of The Rivers Are Big And Some Are Small. The Big Rivers Are The Meghna, The Padma, The Jamuna, The Karnafully Etc. The Small Rivers Are The Buriganga, The Sitalakhya, The Gomoti, The Surma, The Titas Etc. They Assume Different Like In Different Seasons.

Role Of Rivers On Economy: The Rivers Of Bangladesh Play An Important Role In The Economy Of The Country. Bangladesh Is An Agricultural Country. Her Agriculture Mainly Depends On These Rivers. The Rivers Carry, Wheat And Other Valuable Crops Grow In Plenty. The Rivers Serve As Good Water-Ways. Boats, Launches And Steamers Ply On Them In All Seasons. The Rivers Also Help Us In Trade And Commerce.

Role As A Source Of Wealth: Our River Are A Great Source Of Wealth. They Provide Us Fish. A Large Bulk Of Fish Comes From These Rivers. Many Propel Earn Their Living By Catching Fish In The Rivers.

Influence Of Rivers On Our Life: The Rivers Greatly Influence Our Life In Many Ways. The People Of Bangladesh Love The Rivers. Most Of the Rural Songs Such As the Shari, Bhatioli and Murshidi Are The Expressions Of The People’s Love For The Rivers. Much Of Our Joys And Sorrows Depend On The Rivers.

Role As A Source Of Power: Our Rivers Are Also The Great Source F Power And Electricity. Some Of The Rivers Are Used To Producing Electric. The Hydro-Electric Projects Of Karnafully And Goalpara Are Used To Solve The Electricity Problem Of The Country.

Demerits: The Rivers Are Not Free From Demerits. Sometimes They Overflow Their Banks And Cause Floods. The Floods Very Often Bring Us Untold Miseries And Misfortunes.

Conclusion: The Rivers Of Bangladesh Do More Good Than Harm. They Are The Source Of Our Existence And Prosperity. It There Were No Rivers In Bangladesh, Bangladesh Would Have Become A Desert. So, River...


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