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Energy issue is a hotly debated one nowadays in the world, and reason lies in the fact that we are consuming our natural resources in an alarming rate that exceeds the speed the replenish themselves.
In the present case, the mightiest power in the world—the US, also can’t escape from the oil depletion. Despite Mr. President has put billions grand into the development of new energy, but the result is no more than unsatisfactory. One case concern the biofuel illustrates the contradiction between food supply and technological development. Statistic shows in 2002.2, as the research project of biofuel came into being, the price of food rose straight upward, up to 140%. The UN has announced that “the massive requirement of food is already posed a threat to food supply in America who lack of self-sufficiency, and it is necessary to slow down the progress of the generalization of biofuel..” in essence, there are still 96%of the transportation in America cannot be replaced by any other type of energy than fossil fuel. To their dismay, a large part of their research in biofuel tried in vain.

Oil is the lifeblood of the US, for the requirement of oil in the US is extremely crucial due to it’s effective municipal transportation system, planes, trains, numerous vehicles…and thousands of gigantic machines. So any trivial errors in energy supply would bring irretrievable disaster to the US. In the past year, 891000tone of oil are imported in America every day, mainly come from the middle-east. Such large demand of oil has exposed the vulnerability of their energy production, meanwhile this made a number of middle-east nations become overly reliant on American, small nations had always knew that they couldn’t be as thrive as now without the benefits from America. In this way, once The US gain progress in renewable energy and become independent on oil supply. This mightiest power is equipped with the capability to harness the oil price with their purpose. Then, if the US want...


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