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We Need Dollars Not Schollars

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We need scholars not dollars (Against)
The topic which has been assigned to me needs thorough reflection for understanding. If we will have a general look at the subject then we might be misguided by this proposition. However, a deep study of the case makes it crystal clear that dollars are far more important than scholars.
Here, I shall try to prove my viewpoint by giving solid arguments. Madam Principal, you tell me that if there are no dollars how can we produce scholars. More specifically, dollars are the basis for everything even for scholars themselves then how do I agree with my opponents’ outdated viewpoint.
Take another example, all the developed countries in the world have made progress on the strength of their economy. It is money which makes the mare go and do wonders and not vice versa/not the opposite.
From household to school; from technical training for youth to provision of jobs; from business to industry; from strong economy to military might; from infrastructure such as motorways and roads to bullet train; thus in every sphere of life and in every field of life, it is the strength of dollars that can get things going and can ensure smooth and successful running of life.
At individual level, money is, no doubt, a miracle. It gives us happiness, wipes our tears, soothes our wounds, makes our life rosy, gives us laughter and joy and changes our dreams to reality. Though not for all of our problems, it is a solution to most of them.

In the eyes of the world a rich man is wise man. He gathers most friends. His prosperity makes him smart enough to collect as much friends as he likes. Wealth, even in the most improbable cases, manages to convey the aspect of intelligence. The golden key of dollars opens up even the trickiest locks of troubles.
Madam Principal, my opponents are trying to put life into a dead subject by defending their point of view. Let me ask them one simple question whether they can undertake or do anything without dollars...


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