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How Far Do You Agree That the Actions of the Ussr Were Primarily Responsible for the Division of Germany in 1949?

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How far do you agree that the actions of the USSR were primarily responsible for the division of Germany in 1949?

Actions of the USSR contributing towards division

Stalin’s determination to create a buffer zone and attitude towards Germany
  * Stalin wanted to protect the USSR from future conflicts with Germany
  * Stalin had gained influence in many eastern European countries as the Russian armies advanced for Germany.
  * Stalin’s encroachment on this territory broke down war cooperation with the west that was in place and tension builds.
  * A good example of this is Soviet actions regarding Poland.
      * Poland already had a pro-communist government supported by the USSR.
      * Five million Germans had been forcibly expelled form Polish territory.
      * Parts of eastern Poland had already been incorporated into the USSR.
  * Potsdam meeting in 1945 showed clear differences in attitude towards the treatment of Germany.
  * The western allies were keen not repeat the same mistake that was made at the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in 1918.
  * Stalin was keen to take as much as possible from the ruined Germany and leave the country with as little as possible.
Stalin’s spread of communism
  * Stalin had clearly made attempts to begin establishing communist governments in countries occupied by Soviet troops during the war.
  * He did this by giving financial support.
  * In the years 1947 and 1948, 4 eastern European countries gained communist governments.
  * In the Socialist United Party of Germany was formed and became a means by which Stalin could control German politics.
  * The SED quickly suppressed any opposition by using its influence over mass organizations.
  * East Germany was no longer democratic and the application of democracy to German politics was agreed in 1945 at Potsdam.
  * The Red Scare became a prominent issue in America.
  * Stalin also set up Cominform, which organized various socialist parties...


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