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TOPIC: What forms of intensifications took place in the pacific from 800AD to 1600AD, and why?
The concept of intensifications has been widely used in the pacific, as a period of changes in which human activity had an extension effects on the environment. This was resulted in the growth of population created bigger socities, intensive exploitation of resources caused migrations of people to settle in new environment to have access to new resources. This essay will highlights the forms of intensification from 800AD to 1600AD and the reasons of these intensification,interms of economic,political,social and environmental changes ,that was evidently proven by Archaeologist as they recognized the importance of intensification in the pacific.
There were similar economic changes took place in the pacific. During this period there were over exploitations of resources, Agriculture productivity and settlement patterns. According to smith[2007],”There are remarkable achievements of pacific societies in adapting natural resources such as plant materials and the manipulations of environments to enable survival of human society” . Field[2011],”Intensification is the process of increasing labor expenditure in Agriculture system to increase the level of productivity” . Campbell [2007],”Associated with this new settlements were established in land ” . This had portrayed the facts on the economic form of intensification is not a solely prehistoric phenomenon, but has occurred as a resulted of the increasing population and the complexity of the social organizations. For example, there is over exploitations of reefs and ocean resources, whom people relied less on sea food and more on Agricultures for productivity, terracing of hill sides, constructions of irrigations channels to control water for Agriculture productivity   and people settle on the landscape and practice commercial and subsistence farming.Therefore,with those facts it had   demonstrated an   insights   to the economic...


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