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Title: Cancer can be prevented (comment)

Cancer is a deadly disease that has taken the world by storm due to the alarming increase of its patients diagnosed with a cancer type. The topic is increasingly being discussed among governments, aid donors, communities and families. Many people believed that cancer can be avoided but sadly this is not always the outcome. This essay will argue that although cancer can be prevented, there are some cancer types that cannot be cured due to some reasons. The essay will unfold in two parts. Firstly, it will provide ways as to how cancer can be prevented. Then it will identify how cancer cannot be barred as its opposite arguments.

To begin with, early detection and awareness is the first and most significant aspect in preventing cancer. Through this process, an individual who believes to have cancer could be detected through awareness and early visit to the health centres. This could help patients receive an accurate medical advice in preventing the disease. For example, a very close relative of my mother, who had liver cancer, had visited the doctor when she was not feeling well for a week. After her visit she was told that she is suffering from liver cancer then her medications and diagnosis was given and she took care of her diet and lifestyle. According to Island Business (2007, p.1), Proven research shows that early detected cancer at stages one and two has a 90 percent survival rate. Cancer can be reduced and prevented through early detection, awareness, self-checks and frequent visit to medical profession to receive accurate diagnosis. In relation to this “all women over the age of 21 must visit the hospital for pap smear every three years” (Vanuatu Daily Post 2012, p.1) It is a vital step that those diagnose with cancer must first undertake in order to achieve full remission.

Furthermore, implement changes to lifestyle by quitting smoking and drinking alcohol makes a huge difference in preventing cancer. Smoking...


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