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Graffiti Language

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Graffiti language : What is Beyond?
“ Limage- au sens commun du terme, comme au sens théorique- est outil de communication, signe, parmi tant d’autres, « exprimant des idées » par un processus dynamique d’induction et d’interprétation”3.
We all live in, or near cities marked with graffiti, some of it, is quite stunning to look at for the short time it exists between abatement crews. At first sight, we began this exploration of graffiti as a public fascinating art out of curiosity and a sense of confusion. On one hand we could see the refinement and the obvious craft of some of the works; but on the other, were the unsophisticated, ubiquitous scrawls which smacked of threat and a sense of violation. But, we only look at it, and sometimes we are astonished or impressed by. So what are the motives that pushed one to write his name or his nickname on a wall, or in a public place? And what is behind those paintings and signs that we tackled and come across almost every day? Why and how has the graffiti language spread its wings during the last two decades, all over the world? How does graffiti affect the community and get its message deeply into the latter?
It is said that the written text is a representation of the spoken language, and I may say that graffiti language is the representation of the unspoken language, for that words are not the only aspect of language that create meaning. An analysis of some graffiti pictures in the urban environment can serve as an excellent tool in understanding the behaviour, attitudes and the social processes of certain segments of society, especially the youth. The thematic content of graffiti can provide valuable information on these groups that are not often in the public view in the urban environment.
However, none doubts that the subcultures in our society that have gone against the normative values of that a dominant culture have been overshadowed by the practices of the popular culture. Consequently, many...


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