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His Message Inside the Bottle

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"Message in a Bottle" has always been my all time favorite., and it always had the same same effect on me....wretchedness. I first watched the movie months after it was first shown on cinemas, so my friend @ school already told me the whole story...i kinda like it, so when it was shown on television i stayed awake all night just so i could watch it. I already knew the story so even if the movie was just starting I was already crying...chakaness, hehehe. The movie was shown for the whole week I almost burrow a whole in front of the TV. ´╗┐Then came the last day that the movie will be shown on HBO, there are two schedules., one in the afternoon and one @ 2am just after midnight. My father was supposed to watch boxing that afternoon, but I begged him to just let me watch the movie, saying that I had been waiting for that one for a long time.....he looked at me with disbelief on his eyes....thinking of not letting me because he too had been waiting for that fight (even though the fight was already finished months ago, it was shown late on TV during those times)...but he obliged me., I was so happy and started crying even before my tush hit the settee. My father left me not knowing what to do with me...hehehe...papa sorry for that happening., then after dinner that night, i slept early because i plan to wake up around 1:30 in the morning just in time for the last screening. and i just did....slowly i brought with me 3 blankets, then again sat in front of the television., this time so careful not to wake up anyone least my father... i used all three blankets to cover the TV so that no lights will illuminate from the screen... three thick blankets and the TV and I were under it., half way the show...I was crying and so engrossed in watching the movie when out of the blue someone lifted the blankets and shouted....."what are you doing?" there in front of me is my Papa, glaring at me....i couldn't answer for a moment, Ii was still sobbing when he turned off the TV, turned on...


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