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Compare and contrast the methods of communication used by the media in the past and present.
We live in the age of communication.Communication is important for us, Whether past or present. With the development of science and technology, the methods of communication in nowadays are became different from past. Even though, the media is still the main medium of communication. Media is having a great impact on our daily life and is attracting more and more attention.In our life, we always encounter some questions about media.

The information dissemination of human has experienced four kinds of ways: the original mode of transmission, handwritten forms of communication, the printing mode of transmission, and electronic means of communication.In the past, people used simple and easy methods to cmmunicated with each other, such as letters, telegram, and beacause there was no TV and other electrolic equipment, People want to get information and some anecdotes about outside, is only accessible through newspapers and radio.

The modern media develops very rapidly today. It changes from newspaper, radios to the TV, Internet and so on that are more high-tech. This makes the broadcast faster and wider, and the information updates much quicker than before. Firstly, we talk about the internet, it's more timely and wider than others. A single computer user can send an e-mail message to millions of people all over the world with one key stroke. Secondly, radio and TV are together in fact, TV set have step into our life for many years, it has made a deep change to people's lifestyle and value. But radio has its own advantage, people can have the radio any where if he has  one ,it's easy taken, and general radio has its different audience ,some one for younger ,some one for the order, and some one is about sports ,someone is music radio .

As time goes by, the media continue to progress. Newspaper, radio, television and network become more and more diversification and...


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