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– Spanish Speaking                           7th / May / 2013

I think that holiday’s cause many people stress, as there could be so many things that could go wrong. One of the main ones being if you have you’re passport or not. As I always worry if I have my passport. If I can’t find it I have to unpack everything just to make sure i have it. However there are many more things that may cause others to stress.

Another one may be if there will be any cancelations or delays. This is very important as you could only find out in the very last minute. You should have back up plans whilst you’re on your holiday as you will not know weather there will be cancelations with your plain, hotel openings or any changes in the attractions you want to attend. Therefore it’s very important to have back up plans just in case.

As well as passport and cancelations, people may worry about the weather, its essential to check what the weather will be like whilst you’re on your holiday. If you don’t check you may find you’re self in a bad position where you have packed summery clothes but its actually very rainy. Which then just means you have to spend more money to buy clothes suited for the weather.

Something else that holiday planners worry about it weather they will have enough money or not. In this case I would surely suggest bringing extra money as you never know what could happen. You may run out of money very quick and even with out noticing, and bringing extra money will only make you feel safer. Also if you have too much money that just means you have extra to spend on.

Many others would worry about medication. Some people don’t even think about this however others do. People who don’t may feel unwell whilst on holiday which means they have to pay extra money to see a doctor and pay for medicine. Which may be very expensive in other countries, however people who do bring medicine save them selves money.

To conclude I do think that planning holidays cause stress...


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