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Cast Iron Cookware the Only Way to Cook

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Cast iron cookware has been used for over a thousand years in Europe and possibly longer in China and Asia. This cookware remains popular to this day, primarily because of the satisfaction of the cooks who enjoy using a product which heats evenly and produces delicious tasting foods. While cast iron cookware started out as a basic pot and later evolved to a pot with a lid on it, today there are countless numbers of different sizes and shapes of cast iron cookware available. There is an excellent selection of cast iron at Your Smart Kitchen.
Originally cast iron referred to the use of molded iron to create various shapes and sizes of cooking pots. Perhaps the most well recognized piece is the ten or twelve inch frying pan, often wielded by females in comic strips and on TV. This type of cast iron cookware is still available today. It remains the “gold standard” of frying pans, and many world-class chefs swear by it to produce the finest finish to fried meats and fish. Just the act of heating the frying pan on the stovetop, until a drop of water “bounces” on the surface, along with the sound of the “sizzle” is a satisfying experience! It also creates the anticipation of a mouth-watering meal!
The classic cast iron Dutch oven is perhaps another of the most commonly used pieces of cast iron cookware. This large deep pot with its lid provides unlimited versatility. It probably became popular for the tantalizing stews and chilies it produced when placed over an open campfire by cowboys in the Old West. Even over the uneven heat of charcoal or wood embers, the Dutch oven heated the meal evenly and retained the heat in the pot until the last tired cowpoke was served. Today, many fine cooks still insist upon a Dutch oven for roasting meats or preparing special holiday barbeque dishes such as slow baked beans with onions, molasses and bacon.
Cast iron cookware can be used on gas or electric cook tops, as well as the new induction method...


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