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Almost All Causes of Coma

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SaDAM RENTs HIV S: Systemic Infections e.g. Pneumonia, UTI, Wound Infections D: Drugs e.g. sedatives, antipsychotics. A: Alcoholic withdrawal i.e. Delirrium tremens M: Metabolic e.g Hypoglycemia, HONC, DKA, Hypokalemia, renal failure R: Raised ICP e.g Tumor, T.B E: Epilepsy e.g Post iceric phase N: Nutritional e.g Thiamine (Wernicke's korasakoff's encephalopathy? T: Trauma e.g head injury

H: Hypoxia e.g respiratory failure I: Intracranial Infections e.g. meningitis, encepalitis, HSV encephalitis V: Vascular e.g Stroke, Myocardial Infarction It really works when u r in A & E and pateint is lying down ahead of you for differential diagnosis and also in WARD ROUNDS when professor expects bulk of causes from you. There are about 30 causes and more.....Thanks
5 T's of early cyanosis 5 T's of early cyanosis

Tetralogy, Transposition, Truncus, Total anomalous, Tricuspid atresia

acute porphyria syndrome 5p,s

pain abdomen polyneuropathy psychological symptoms pink urine precipitated by drugs (barbiturates, ,sulpha drugs)

ADDISONS DISEASE Autoimmune (90%), Amyloidosis DIC (Meningococcaemia) Destruction by CA, Infection, vascular insufficiency Iatrogenic Sarcoidosis, granulamatous infection – TB O- hypotension, hupOnatremia, hypoglycemia Nelson’s syndrome Schilder’s Disease

6 S's for Stable angina: Sudden onset Substernal Spreads to arm Squeezing in character Short duration Sublingual nitroglycerin relieves pain

4 R's of Unstable Angina Recent onset Resistant ( progressive) Rest angina Recurrent ( in early post infarction period )

Anion Gap Acidosis

text Causes of High Anion Gap Acidosis M-methanol ingestion U-uremia D-diabetic ketoacidosis P-paraldehyde I-INH/Iron poisoning L-Lactic acidosis E-ethylene glycol poisoning S-starvation/saicylate poisoning
Aortic stenosis

SAD seen in Aortic stenosis S= Syncope A= Angina D=Dyspnoea (congestive heart failure)

Argyl Robertson Pupil (ARP)



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