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Hitting a Baseball

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Physics of Hitting a Baseball

Did you know that by just having a higher elevation that it makes the ball go farther off a baseball bat? Well it’s true! If have 1000 feet of altitude a baseball will go about 7 feet farther than it would if u were on sea level. Or if you have a aluminum bat it would go about 30 feet farther than it would if u had a wood bat. I know it might not see like a big difference but 30 feet can be the difference between a routine fly ball and a homerun. If you have a heavy baseball bat with a medium speed swing the ball would go farther if you had I light bat with a fast swing. Or if a baseball is pitched slower u have to have faster bat speed to hit the ball hard as to a fastball were u could have a slower swing and hit the ball just as hard as u would on the slow pitch. If u hit the ball on the sweet spot not only will the ball go farther but there will be no sting compared to when you hit the ball anywhere else on the bat when u feel a shock to you hands. Hitting is all about momentum which is just a product of mass and velocity. In a game where you hit a ball that’s about 3 inches tall off a bat about 2   ½ inches tall in my opinion is the hardest thing to do in sports today.


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