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Solutions to Abnormal Condition of Air Blower

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Air blower system is an important process in the production system. Air blower, which includes Blower, wind-driven generator and fan, is a driven fluid machine. The fan used by mill is air blower cement bag packing machine, the function of which is to drive powder product into graduation machine. If there is no air blower, the final powder product will not be discharged. As an important part of mill, there will appear some abnormal condition in the production process. Henan Daswell Machinery Company will show you the solutions of this problem.As a professional manufacturer of mining machinery, Daswell Machinery will supply you with high quality products and perfect service.The major products we supply are as follows:mini crusher for sale, we believe that choosing our products will be your best choice.   In general small rock crusher, vibration is a common abnormal condition that air blower easy to happen. There are two reasons for this: the first is the problem of installment and uneven foundation; the second is the problem of air blower. More details as following: One, Motor will failed to drive air blower when the fan shaft and motor shaft is not concentric, which results in severe vibration of air blower. Two, the friction between fan blades and the machine case will cause blades to collide with other components leading to air blower’s vibration and damage to other components. Three, The loosing of bolts being used to fix the air blower also causes to the fan vibration and greater noise. Four, when accumulation of dust on the fan blades is too thick, the fan rotation is likely to imbalance causing the fan vibration Based on the above analysis, the correctness of installation and periodic maintenance and clean of the fan should pay attention to so as to make the mill equipment persistently normal afloat when we install and use the grinding equipment.


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